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Concurso para o Centro de Arquitetura, Design e Educação (CADE)


Competition for the Center for Architecture, Design and Education (CADE)


Chicago, Illinois - USA









23900 m²



Fernanda Almeida


The building integrates four programmatic areas separating general spaces based on its use. The functions that do not need to be naturally illuminated have been placed underground, keeping constant temperature and low energy needs. The ground floor is an open piazza as an outside learning space, where students and visitors may gather, do practical work for and with the community, as well as an interaction tool. The first two transparent floors are for public and exhibition use, integrating the building with the urban scenery.


Learning spaces were designed to be open and changeable places, allowing students and teachers to own the space, curriculum and all traditional components of school imagination. Learning spaces are collaborative, flexible and transparent with a huge variety of arrangement possibilities both inside and outside classrooms. As an important learning tool, building anatomy will be exposed, such as columns, beams, ventilation systems, etc, stimulating curiosity of students.


Colors will be not only an important identification tool, allowing students and visitors to know exactly where they are in the building, but also a sensorial tool, creating different stimuli and perceptions to the users. Since each space stimulates a different feeling and there are no equal spaces on the building, users have the freedom to decide what suits them best depending on their activities and mood.

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